Monday, January 29, 2007


So bloody tired I can't believe it. I just had to stay up until 12 last night, and then use a half hour-hour to fall a sleep. That means I've gotten approximately 5 hours of sleep. And I didn't sleep that well anyway. Ugh.

That flash-site we're making at school now is getting along fine too. Found a new look for it today, and I think it's ten times better than the loser-look I found on Thursday. So know there's just the linking of buttons and frames and placeholder text that's left. Thank hell our teacher said it was okay that we used placeholder text instead of having to figure out a text that makes sense to put where needed.

164 days before we go to London:D:D:D I! Can't! Wait! Renate made me make a forum last night, so we can discuss ideas amongst ourselves more easy.

Anyway, I finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this weekend. Barely started on Order of the Phoenix. But it means that I'm getting closer to the start of the next fanfiction I'm planning to write (sequel to SCHP doesn't count). I'm looking forward to seriously starting that new story, will
probably use beta-readers on this one. Which means I really got to ask for more people who want to be, Ann-Marie has agreed, but I think I need at least one more, just in case. Perhaps someone british too, to help me "british" it. Aaaand, written about two pages on the final chapter in SCHP now. It's going great, it's a bit dirty stuff in the beginning of it;) Maybe more somewhere along the chapter. We'll see. Maybe something about a library, hope there is someone reading this that understands what that can mean;)

'Nough for today. *waves*

Thursday, January 25, 2007

All is well, that ends well. Or something like that.

Well, I just realised that flash isn't as stupid as I thought. Or at least as difficult to do as I thought. I think I'm really getting the hang of it now. We've got this assignment, due 9 AM Monday February 5th. And it's to make a fashion-site in flash. I got a title for my site like a bolt of lightning on my head on Sunday, Furreal Fashion. And the site will be about, yeah, you guessed it, fur fashion. And tonight, I was just going to search the net and find images of furry fashion and make the welcome page to the site, but I ended up getting the entire thing ready. All that's left is to fill in the right text and make a small gallery. Of course, i had planned to sketch a bit and stuff like that tomorrow, but I am afraid I'll make myself hate this first attempt. I know it could be better, and it only took a couple of hours, so it can't hurt to try and get a better idea, but I definitely won't take the sketching that seriously.

I am thinking of making on of the two new additions to my site in flash, either the layout-site or the fanfiction/writing-site. The best will probably be the layout-site. Easier to update, no wait, ugh, forget it. One of them will maybe be flash. Maybe not when they're published, but one day...

And it could be fun to make flash-layouts. Because if all you have to update is the text, a flash-layout could be okay. There is wonderful ways of making a notepad document serve as the text in a flash-site. But of course you would have to download the files and upload them to your site.
Or else it won't work. We'll see...

Can you believe that we've had snow for a week now??!!?? If I remember correctly, it began snowing last Thursday. And romours were that the weather would be milder over the weekend. But today's Thursday a week later and this morning it was -18 degrees celsius. Merlin, that was cold. My poor car, full of ice. And even though the motor-heater came on at 4 am, and I started the engine at 7.15 am it still was covered in ice at 7.30 am. So I was 7 minutes late today, but I still made it to the train. And I took a shortcut in case there was traffic on the regular road, and Merlin that shortcut was icy. Snow had been driven down to hard compact material and I hade to drive sooooo sloooooow. Which I hate. I love to speed. I took one of these fun tests, "What will your famous last words be", and my result was: "I can so pass this guy". And I actually know that I will die in a car accident. I don't know how I know, but I know. I can see it before me. I've hit a wall just before a tunnel, or I've hit something big. I'm not afraid though, because I know that it's a long long long time before it happens. I couldn't think of any better way for me to die.

Enough nonsense. Probably should get some sleep soon. But I want to write at least a page of fanfiction first. Half a page in to chapter fourteen. The last one before the sequel. Which is still called: ********: **** ****. Hihihihihi!!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

What could it be??

BLOODY HELL!!!!! I had just written half a page here, and was about to post it, when I accidently hit the back-button and lost the entire thing! AAAAARRRGHHHH!!!!!!! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!

Anyway, sometimes I get this feeling, that I don't know what means. Ugh... I get restless and can't concentrate on one thing at a time. I do lots of things instead, halfheartedly. I don't understand.

It's so bloody stupid to not be able to concentrate, like now, when I really really want to concentrate on the fanfiction and finish chapter thirteen. The next last chapter before the sequel starts. Which is titled: ********: **** ****. Lovely, isn't it? :P

I'm kind of hoping that writing this useless post is going to make the weird feeling temporarily go away, but it's not working. Bloody hell!!

Just K.O. me. Please.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Flash fucking flash.... We're doing flash at school now, and I can't say I'm quite following the whole bloody thing... But I'm trying to download the Macromedia package at home, and I hope it works. Because I really need the opportunity to practice at home if I want to.

Other than that, we've gotten our first assignment, which is due tomorrow at 9.00 AM. It's about making a "sketch" for a website for an artist, either Mark Ryden, Kari Mette Wik or Odd Nerdrum. I chose Mark Ryden. It's going quite well. But I planned on making the flowchart today at school, but of course I had to forget the one I hurried down on paper yesterday. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I hoped to only have to make a "sketch" of one of the galleries home today, because that's easy. And quick. And I really want to work on the next fanfiction chapter today. But I guess I have to make the flowchart at home and the gallery at school. And you can bet your ass that the train will be delayed tomorrow. It always is when I need to be at school in good time before 9 AM.

I've decided to turn it into a sequel. And this lovely reader from Quizilla gave me a wonderful suggestion for a title. I want to reveal it now, but I won't. Not until chapter one is ready for posting:D

Lost is starting up again tonight. In Norway anyway. I managed to watch the entire second season before school started. I got the second season dvd's for Christmas, and it only took me 3 or 4 days to see through the entire thing. Because there was a few episodes towards the end that I missed. It was when we were sitting in the common living room at Bjerkely, and people were so damn loud and stupid. And one time, stupid bloody idiotic Magnus pulled the plug so the power to the living room went out. And in the living room downstairs, one of the teachers sat, and she just bloody laughed. Merlin, I was angry then!!! I threw shoes down after him, and if I had been close enough to touch him, I would have KILLED him. I'm getting angry right now, writing and thinking about it.

Anyway, I've got to take advantage of the break to find pictures for the gallery.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter holidays

Wonderful isn't it? With holidays... I know I need one at the moment... Been so damn tired and all lately... Don't quite understand why, but it can have something to with something I'm brewing on. The flu is flying over the country now, and the girl sitting next to me in school's been feeling a little under the weather the last two weeks. And a couple of other people in my class is sick and a couple of others have people close to them who are sick. Miracle that I'm not sicker than I am. Soar throat, especially in the morning (probably because I snore:P) and runny nose and headaches whenever my brain sees I really don't need it.

Anyway, the assignment with the fake record label is going great. Got Ann-Marie and Renate to check out the design yesterday, got a few pointers, but they liked it:) Thank you, guys:D Love you:D I'll start preparing the images that's needed to be able to put it together in Dreamweaver. Perhaps I'll even start making the first pages too. I think it's going to be a large site with lots of pages and a huge flowchart.

After this assignment, we have a week long project to prepare for the web-design exam and get to know the members of our group and learn if we work well together. If we don't, we need to fix it before the exam, because it's important to be on a well functioning group on the exam. So after that four week exam, there is another period of learning After Effects or something like that, not quite sure what that is, but I guess I'll find out. And after that period, there is another exam. Not sure if that's a graphic- AND web-design project or an After Effects project. Suppose the latter would make more sense.

The though of having to go through that might add to the tiredness I've been feeling. Because it's really closing up and I'm getting stressed and I know that I won't be able to take the 14.09 train home for 4 weeks. Probably have to take the 16.09 or 17.09 train. Gah.... Not much time for fanfiction and stuff like that then. Because what's going on at school between 9-10 to 4-5 will take lots of energy from me. Guess I just have to work so damn hard with making the plot absolutely fireproof before I actually start writing then. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and I find lots and lots and lots of inspiration.

BUT PLEASE!! Everyone out there who writes fanfiction!! Please please please make lots of updates to great stories during my exam. I would really really need something nice to surprise me every day when I come home. Not even sure if any fanfiction writing people read this, but if there is any who do: Tip me of your fast-updating-wonderful-noncliché-wellworkedoutplot-story:):):):) Thank you:D:D

Now I'm off to watch the OC. Kill me. I can not believe I'm actually watching that show, and enjoying it. I just started watching it now that TV3 decided to start it all over again. No offence to people who really love the show! I'm starting to really like it myself, I just didn't expect it...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007





Fucking weather

Third day of school this new term. We're on web-design now. That will be interesting. And a new teacher too, they were lucky enough to find us a new one and not just substitutes every other day.

We got one of our exam results, a long time ago too, I was told. I just didn't know where to look. It was the written one, and I got an A! My jaw dropped ten feet when I saw it, I knew I had done a decent job, but I didn't know it was that decent. An A means 85-100 %. I am so happy now:D:D:D:D:D

But Merlin!!! The weather yesterday.... The wind was horrific, the door to my room was banging even though it was closed, and I could feel a breeze as I was sitting in the couch. That was not the bad part. The bad part was that the internet was gone. And I was planning on posting chapter twelve of SCHP. Sent an SMS to mom now, told her to check if we have net now (as I am at school) because I have to mentally prepare myself if it's gone. She said she was going to check, but she hasn't answered if it's gone or not yet. I really thought she was going to work today...

She just answered, it's gone. I made her go back and try to restart the modem. I hope it works.


Sunday, January 07, 2007



Fucking traumatic. (See the double meaning in those two words.)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Slow... No!

GAAH!! We haven't gotten our exam-grade yet!!! At least I haven't gotten it. It's been nearly three weeks now... I want to know how we did on our project... How I did on the written part. I had a dream right before Christmas, that I got a C, on the project and the written part all together. I don't think I have ever felt that disappointed in myself. Thank Merlin it was only I dream. I really REALLY hope I do better in reality.

For once I'm actually doing something I care about, care deeply about. For once I want to do excellent on a test, for once I want to pass with flying colours. No, not just flying colours... Flying, vibrant, brilliant colours.

And for once I can be told something in class, and actually remember it afterwards. I haven't written anything down. Not one single thing, and I remember it all. It's such a good feeling.

I know what I am doing:)

The fanfiction is taking a slight turn. I've decided to end SCHP and continue it in a sequel. Not quite sure about the title of it yet... But I am going for something
with curses. Anyway, I think SCHP will be about 13 chapters long. 11 is out now, got 12 written, working on 13. It might be 14. Not sure yet, still working on the finer details and changes of the upcoming plot....

Just wish I could begin on my next story, which I think I am going to call Surrender To Temptation. Or something like that. Got the idea for the story from The Calling's song Surrender. But I've got to finish reading the Harry Potter-books first. I got to freshen up my knowledge. I'm on the fourth book now, they've just arrived at the feast.

Anyway, I'm going to keep watching my Lost dvd's and writing fanfiction....

Monday, January 01, 2007