Friday, February 23, 2007

I am SO good!!

I was sitting here the other day, looking through pictures and stuff, trying to get ideas for a layout to Sinful Sanctuary. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I opened Photoshop and threw a couple of pictures in there, moving them around, editing, just making a complete mess really. BUT! It turned out to be okay, better than okay. But THEEEN..... I figured it would look better as the layout for the layout site. I got so excited and worked and worked and worked with it and made buttons and a background and a head-image, found colours for the text and all that, put it all into the index-file and...

I am happy to say that Sinfu[L]ayouts is 90 % done. Took me only a few hours, spread over two-three days. But it won't be up untill I have Sinful Sanctuary worked out. All that is left is the Photobucket account. I made one for Sinfu[L]ayouts, but I figured I'd do
another username and use it together with the fanfiction/writing-site.

Off to pay for the 7th HP book and work on my bloody school assignment. Won't do much, because I need to write a bit too. Haven't written anything the last two days. Just worked on the layout, watched tv and read fanfiction...


Friday, February 16, 2007


Just had to write this: I think I have the plot for the SCHP-sequel done. To fireproof it from writers block I thought I'd make a chapter by chapter thingy, and I think I'm almost done with the plot. And it was a lot faster than I thought. I'll read through it some more tomorrow and on Sunday and add some more perhaps. But it feels good to have come such a long way with it. I really think it will be easier to write this sequel. I have to admit I didn't do much work on beforehand with SCHP, but I reckon I just needed it to get going. Yeah, I'll convince myself of that:P

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dreaming dreamweaver

Began learning about Dreamweaver yesterday. So much better than flash. Don't know why, just is. I can just feel the inspiration for making layouts to the layout site I'm planning flowing over me. Made one on Sunday, but that was plain coding. Quite happy about it, and I can't wait until I can publish my layout-site. But of course, I have to make a layout for the layout-site...:P

Was supposed to take down the polls this weekend, but I decided to let them stay up a little bit longer, just because I'm lazy.... :D I think I might take them down sometime this week, and start sketching the layout for the site. I have no idea how I want it to look...

Just remembered, I have to make some changes to my original site first. So I guess that will be my priority. Apart from school work of course. After that new layout and planning is done, I'll start for real with the layout for the layout-site and the fanfiction/writing-site. But if you are one of those who read my fanfiction from my site, updates for the story will happen as normal. Every new chapter will be up as soon as it is ready. Allthough there will be a break as soon as chapter fourteen is out. I need to sort out the future plot and start writing. I'll write a post about the break when the chapter is out.

But I think I'll pay attention in class now... The teacher is going through basic html, I kind of know that, but I'll pay attention anyway. At least a bit more attention than I am now:P Maybe I'll learn something new and exciting:)