Thursday, May 17, 2007


Happy 17. May! Norways national day!
(Below: The Norwegian Flag. Bottom: The Sami Flag.)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A tiny message

I just got to leave a message before I leave this weekend. The second chapter of Antidote: True Love has taken long, it's still not finished, but it's closer than ever. Just about four pages, that's not bad, right?

I've been incredibly uninspired, not knowing what to write, not wanting to write much, not able to concentrate. It's not writer's block, I can assure you that, it's just a bad time for writing. And the last couple of days my neck's been arguing with me again. If the inflammation comes back, I am going to have a really hissy fizzy angry mad furious horrible screamy loud violent girly fit.

So, about this weekend. I'm going to Kristiansand again, to the zoo there. I really hope I can start a fresh on Monday with heaps of inspiration and motivation and concentration, and mountains of ideas. Both for fanfiction and hopefully school.

But now I have to go to bed, so I can leave awake and alert tomorrow. It's going to be a long train-ride.

Have a nice weekend!

PS! I would appreciate ideas for inspiration whether I find it myself or not. It's always needed sometime...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Alternate universe

It's now 0:48 am, and I guess I really should be sleeping if I don't want problems getting enough sleep for school on Monday. But I'm watching The OC instead. And I just finished episode 7 of season 4, The Chrismukk-huh. In that episode Ryan and Taylor falls off the roof and go in to coma. They enter an alternate universe in their coma, and it's Newport without Ryan. It's what probably would have happened if he hadn't entered their lives. And when the episode finished, I went to the toilet and got to thinking on the way.

I wonder what the lives of the people in my life would be like if I hadn't been here. It's a crazy thought, but I can't help wondering. It may even sound a bit selfish, when I say that I wonder if I have made some kind of positiv impact on any of their lives.

What would my mom be doing if she hadn't had me at the age of 18? Would she still be working at the hotel, or that store? Would she have met dad?

What would my friends be doing if I hadn't met them? Would they be the same? Or would they be totally different?

What about the rest of my family? Would their lives be the same without me?

I guess, and hope, that everyone thinks about this at one time or another. I would be interesting if I dreamt about a world without me when I went to bed tonight. It would be interesting to see. All I know is that at the moment I am very happy I am in these people's lives. All of them mean so much to me, whether I am their friend because we happen to be at school together, or if I am their lifelong friend through good times and bad times, or if I am their family and they are simply stuck with me.

I love you all. Some may be, like I said, in my life for only a short amount of time, but I suppose that time wouldn't be the same without them. And I don't forget people that easily. Just so you know it :P

One more episode of The OC before I go to bed. It's number 8: The Earth Girls Are Easy.
Good night :D