Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Why is it that everytime I try to write fanfiction I get a headache?
I really really want to write, but I can do whatever and feel fine, but when I sit down with Word and iTunes, the headache comes sneaking in my head. It's not fair. I really want to get this bloody chapter out of the way. I'm really impatient in getting this story overwith. For one, I really really want to write the ending, it's... it's... Well, it will be interesting to write it, in whatever way it is. Sad or happy. It really has the potential to be both. (HA, think about that!) And secondly, I WANT TO START THE NEXT ONE!! The idea that's in my head tells me it's going to be an interesting story to write, if I manage to write it the way I see it now. I am a bit afraid the plot has already been done, but I don't care. I have a beta, and I will hire one or two more, and they can tell me how I can make the plot different from all the others. Because I haven't read enough fanfiction yet to know enough about every plot type that reoccurs in HP-fanfiction.

Enough blogging, it's giving me a bigger headache.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A new school year has begun ...

... a while ago.

Well, this year at IT-akademiet is looking to be great! So much fun learning all about html and css and all that good stuff. I love it! And just after two weeks I want to go ahead and make a new layout for my website and do all the coding myself instead of the semi-messy crap Dreamweaver gives. (GoLive was the worst, trying to read the code there was like trying to teach a puppy how to say... uh, something difficult). But I think I have to wait a few weeks before I give my site a makeover again. I might just learn something absolutely awesome!

Something else. The London-video. Well, I've gotten all the pictures from Renate, but it's hell going through them and sorting and picking out the best pictures. Someone (*cough*Ann-Marie*cough*) have a tendency to take lots and lots of pictures of the same thing. And it is sooo funny to sort through all of them... So I haven't actually begun the movie part of it yet. I'm still deleting and sorting. And after that I have to edit them all in Photoshop. Right now, they're too big, and there's probably lots I can cut off.