Saturday, October 13, 2007

Forever Charmed

Well, I am now finished with 8 seasons of Charmed. And I am posting this under the "@ somewhere else" category because I feel so out of it now. It's not easy recovering from 178 episodes. Especially not with that ending!
I was sitting here, tears dropping and just thinking that I can't take it anymore. After the big boom in the episode before the last, and everything that happened in the last one, I thought to myself that this is just too much.

But I survived. It feels good to finally be done with it, but I miss it too. Of course I can see it all anytime I want, but it's not the same, because now I know everything that happens. And now I just can't do anything. I can't calm down enough to write fanfiction, which I really should be doing.

Ugh, it's even late now. 1:10 am... I should really try to calm down.