Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Talk about a good day...

Everything is happening at once now.


First, on Monday I found out that there's maintenance work on the train line I take to school. Really the only train line within reasonable distance. So sometimes in the middle of the way several departures are cancelled and replaced with buses. That was okay, I could work around that.

Then, yesterday at school, I was sitting there tired and in a comatose state wondering what was wrong with me. Then it occured to me, it's the sideeffect of the new allergy-pill. Since the plan about having a plastic tree this Christmas went to hell, I had to start with my pills again. The new pills I got on Monday. Cause I can't get my old ones at a reasonable price anymore, before trying everything else. Some new stupid rules so the government can save money. But they really don't care about the trouble they're putting their people into. Bloody #@£$%&. Anyway, the pills make me sooooooooo damn tired. "But that's great," I thought, I can take them in the evening and catch up on my lack of sleep.

So I go to sleep. Or try. But for some reason completely unknown, I get an incredible neckache causing my head to pound like crazy. No sleeping-position, no beating of my pillows helped. And just when I was about to fall asleep, my mother came in, and I was wide awake and hurting even more. Even my stupid wrist had to hurt extra that night. I was devastated, hurt and cried myself to sleep. With trouble falling asleep in the first place and then this pounding, how was I supposed to stay awake in school the next day?

But theeeen, sigh, I stumbled into my jeans and fell into my jumper. I rubbed my face in make-up and turned on the tv to watch it with my breakfast. And there it was. Some electric cable caught on fire at Oslo Centralstation right after midnight. Every train with connection to Oslo was cancelled. We were adviced to drive to work and school, or work from home. 80.000 people were affected by this. 80.000 people need the train to get to work. The train-people managed to get buses for 1000 people. And they refused to pay for taxi for those who couldn't take the bus. So that's 8000 trips for the busdrivers to get everyone to where they should be.

I could have taken the regular bus from home to school today, but the problem is, there's no bus going all the way home again. Unless I want to wait 3-4-5-6 hours. If I so take the train instead, or in this case the bus for the train, I would have been stuck at the train station having to wait just as long for my parents or the bus.

My neck still hurts. And I have a school assignment that I need to get started.

And I have to deliver my car this evening. It needs to get its lights fixed and it has to go through the after test for "eu-godkjenning". You know, that stuff our car has to go through every two years to be allowed on the road. And it ain't cheap!

Sorry about all this. I'm just really frustrated right now. I think I'm just gonna cuddle up on my couch, with my notebook (for writing fanfiction), a sketchbook (to get the schoolassignment started), something good to eat and watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. See, one good thing: I got my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the mail yesterday. I saw Philosopher's Stone last weekend. So, COS tonight, POA tomorrow, GOF on Friday and OOTP on Saturday. Or something like that.

So, pleeeeaaaase send some happy, warm and fuzzy thoughts to my neck and head:)

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I just checked my site-stats at and yesterday (November 21.) there had been an incredible raise in pages/files/hits, but nothing spectacular in visits or KBytes. I find that very strange. And when I checked the URL's visited, nothing out of the ordinary there, no increase in page visits there, just the normal number of hits, percent and traffic. Nothing in the guestbook, no comments or spam in this blog, no comments in the two cboxes I have up, no emails. No trace from the visitors. There's just nothing that tells me why the bars for pages/files/hits on November 21 tower above the other days. What's even stranger is that the bars for pages and files are exactly the same, with perhaps a couple more on hits. The bars have NEVER been that close.

I am not complaining, of course I like to see stuff like that in my stats, proof that my site is beeing visited. But it's just so strange... That one day almost in the middle of the month. And no traces anywhere else.

Strange. Veeery strange.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm finally done with the slideshow movie with pictures and stuff from London! It took so long, but now I've got 4 dvd's with a dvd menu and a 17 minutes and 6 seconds long video, divided into 15 chapters. Feels so good to be done! But there's still so much left on my to-do-list. Let's see if I can copy it from Netvibes. No, never mind that. There's 14 items on it, or 15, one of them is double. Do one thing while I do the other. But 2 of the chores is done. The next one is done in 10 minutes, and then there is some HTML-coding to do, update stuff I've neglected on my websites, make the gallery on my website, then lots of HTML-coding again, and some webdesigning, some story planning, and then writing and lots and lots and lots of HTML coding, then some website planning, and some designing, and then more coding. And by then I'm hopefully done with Antidote: True Love, so I can take a break before starting the next fanfiction.

The worst part of all this, is that I don't have to do any of it. I've put myself up to it. But I just got to do it now, since it's been nagging my mind for so long, and I've been postponing and postponing almost into insanity.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna go read through the latest chapter of Antidote, and see if it's ready for posting. Yay...