Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kind of tired...

Hmm, been a long time since I posted now. I feel like I'm ususally good at posting often, but sometimes I slack off really bad.

The biggest event since last time has to be the weekend at Ann-Marie's, which was just last weekend. It is really tragic that that was my first time there... Anyway, I picked up Marion and Ragnhild in Lillestrøm, feeling a bit nervous, since I was going to drive all the way down to Sarpsborg, along a road that my GPS did not want me to drive. It recalculated A LOT, making me and Marion and Ragnhild laugh. But Ann-Marie's directions were good, and by the time we were so close to Sarpsborg and I needed more detailed directions, my GPS finally understood that I wanted to drive on the highway and it guided us to Ann-Marie's house. But not without difficulties. "Turn right." Uh... Right? There is no right! Then suddenly! There's her street! There's number 1! There's her car!! But I still had to check for the bump on her car, just to be sure:P
Tine came, we booked the plane tickets for London, and sent e-mails to the hotel in London and the one in Oxford, trying to book rooms. Then we played Rome. The next day we went to Sweden, to Svinesund. I vowed I would never go there, to Svinesund or Strømstad. The most "harry" places of all "harryland" (Sweden). But Ann-Marie and Tine managed to get me there on the first try. Curse them! :P After that we went to Tine and played more Rome. And then Marion, Ragnhild and I drove home.

I think I was more nervous about driving back and forth to Sarpsborg than I realised. Because I was so incredibly tired on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. One would think that one and a half week of Easter holiday would leave you rested and fit for fight, but I think that drive took a lot out of me. But now I feel like the fucking Queen of my car! I feel like I can drive anywhere now! But I shouldn't do that. Because the way to Ann-Marie is really easy, just straight down, then right, right, right, left, left, right, right. I think. Somehow easier than the way to Strømmen.

Enough of that, you probably don't care about my driving-experiences.
Easter was nice. I got a lot done on my new homepage. The layout is all done, and I've made all the pages, except for the picture gallery and the creation-gallery. But all the pictures for it is ready to be coded. I just need to figure out what kind of galleries I want. Definitely javascript, of course. But what kind of js? How many times to I have to code the 800 pictures?
I'm so proud of myself, for the new layout. It's nicely done, and I've got horizontal drop-down menus. I'm so proud of myself for making that menu. I think I recoded the bloody thing 20 times before I got it right. And the solutions was right under my nose the whole time! Now I'm never letting go of that coding! I will carry it with me to the grave!! Muahaha...


Fanfiction is going slow. So slow. Chapter eight is mostly a filler, and it's so difficult to fill it. And now harrypotterfanfiction is closing the queue for I-don't-know-how-long. They're adding some new site rules, so the queue is closed, so the validators can learn the new rules and stuff like that. Just hope they're not adding some crazy rules, like the ones on Sycophant Hex. There they're insane. Of course, it ensures quality, but COME ON! Each has their own writing style!

While writing fanfiction is slow, reading it is fast. I'm now about halfway through part 3
of Dangerverse, Dealing with Danger. I love that alternate universe
whydoyouneedtoknow has created!
I also finished reading the Sevenwaters trilogy today. The third book was not as great as the first two, and I would have liked the last chapter to have been a bit more dramatic, but I still love all three of the books. I will read more of Juliet Marillier in the future. After The Black Magician trilogy, Eragon, The Wheel of Time and Anita Blake. And another round of Harry Potter. This time as audiobook.

Wow, this turned out to be a long post. Guess I'll end it here then. Probably have to go to sleep too. Got to get up a bit early tomorrow. Going to Strømmen to check out new cellphones. And I might just come back tomorrow. Lots more I want to share with you. Like a website-job and a new tattoo:) And someone singing so prettily!


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Since last time...

Okay, what has happened since last time?

My cousin has been here, we've had winter-break, I'm 80% done with the new layout, I've learned some awesome CSS stuff and there's now a 2-3 week long project going on at school. So, one thing at a time.

My cousin Isabel. It was so great to see her again! She lives up north in Norway, and I think it's been a couple of years since I've last seen her. Me and my uncle picked her up at Gardermoen. The next day she and I went to visit grandmother. Got to see some old pictures of ourselves. Then we went to Lillestrøm to shop a little bit. I finally got some sketchbooks for school. Only half a year too late. On Sunday there was a family dinner, so Isabel could meet most of them at once. Sten, Stian, Silje, Espen and Mons was here. The rest either had plans or was sick. So it wasn't a big a family dinner as we're used to, but it was still nice. (I have a feeling someone else was there too, but I can't remember, sorry.)

It was sad that Isabel had to leave so soon. She left on Sunday and stayed with grandmother untill Monday. Then they would go to Oslo and meet Isabel's classmates. It was a schooltrip that brought my cousin to us this time.

Winter-break was uneventful. Apart from the program I designed. The local theater-group needed someone to design the layout for the program this year too, so that's pretty much all I did that week. The program and the layout for my site. Which I already said is 80% done. It's really done, but I've got to make it perfect, and then I need to figure out exactly how to organize the bloody site before I finish the layout. In case I need to change it because of too many links in the menu or too few.

In the school week after winter-break we had a visit from Kjetil The CSS God. He taught us how to make drop down menus by using CSS instead of javascript. See, it's better to do it with
CSS instead of JS. JS is easier to turn off in a browser than CSS.

And now there's a project going on at school. It's about making a site for a travel agency. Me, Nina and Beata are making a site for Tao Travels. Which is not a real agency. Duh. We've planned a bit, and we've made the layout. I put the layout into Dreamweaver today, while Beata found travel-quotes and supervised me when I worked in Dreamweaver, to make sure I did everything right. She's very good at seeing things I don't see. Nina were looking for pictures. Which is a difficult job. It's hard to find pictures from the places our travel agency work with, exotic, not-a-usual-vacation-spot places in Asia. Mostly Eastern Asia, I think....

Now, onto the thing you really want to know about. Fanfiction. Chapter 8 is slow. Partly because it's not a... what should I say... action-filled chapter. It's more of a filler, or a builder, preparing for another chapter. And it's also going slow because of all the schoolwork, and the fact that I think I've got a neck-inflammation again. And then might close down submission for a month or so, to get the new rules into action. I really really really hope they don't become as damn picky as Sycophanthex, and to a slight degree Mugglenet Fanfiction. So it seems I will only be posting at and And my site, A Sinful Fantasy, of course. Though I doubt anyone really reads there. I haven't even put up chapter seven yet. Shame on me.

Hmm, I think I just just submit this post now. Before it become toooooo long. It's not long before Ugly Betty and Lost either. So I should get some writing done before that. And maybe something else, a pressing matter. Damn nature.