Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Inflammation second round

Well, that break after finishing SCHP and ATL didn't happen, at least as planned. When I'd finished I felt empty and just couldn't stay away from Word, so I began working out the OC. I even posted a topic on the HPFF forums to get some help with the overall plot. But then I just had to take a break.

That inflammation in my neck is acting out again. Mom got me an appointment with her own chiropractor. I've been there twice now, and have my third appointment tomorrow. The first appointment wasn't so bad, but the second one... Merlin, I was in bad shape afterwards. Pale, slightly naseous, headache, pain in neck and shoulders, no painkillers that work... It will be interesting to see how it goes tomorrow. And I've been there to crack my neck, I have to go to Strømmen to try and find a new jacket, and I need to pick up something from my prescriptions at the pharmacy. And I don't have money for that. Hopefully Lånekassen will work fast and send my money tonight or tomorrow morning. I was at school yesterday and got the letter, and I went to the post office on my way home to sign and send it. Sent it in Oslo, and the address to the office is in Oslo, hopefull it goes faster then.

Anyway, what really interests you: I can't stand waiting to write anymore. I will start slowly, since I probably can't stand sitting in front of the laptop so much, but I will work out the plot. I have much of it in my head, with small ideas popping in every now and then. And the help I got on the forums was very helpful. So I'll work on the plot slowly. And when I've got that done, I'll start writing the first chapters. Gonna try have several done now, before I post the first one. While I'm slowly writing them, I'm gonna work on the plot for the Tekken fic. And that one needs a lot of work. It's the first fanfic I ever started, and the first chapter is so crappy even after several attempts of rewrite. But now I got to put my entire focus and attention to making it better.

Ugh, even sitting here writing this shit is making my neck hurt. And I hate to think that I got two hours of work I got to do today, on this laptop. That's gonna be fun.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My first fanfiction series is done!

Well, Antidote is officially finished! So the Shira Lind series is over.

I'm so happy it's finished! But I am so sad at the same time... I've really enjoyed writing this series, and I've put so much of my own experiences and feelings into it, to make it seem more real. To be quite honest, I think I can narrow it down to one particular part of my life, the part I've used in the story. But that didn't have a happy ending... Or an ending at all.

Anyway.... Thanks to everyone who read the story! And thanks to everyone who reviewed! I'm not gonna repeat that whole thank you ramble I put in the author's note, but thank you all!

And I think that's all I have to say for now...

I don't think I'll do much work on the next fic for a while, or much work on a computer at all. I have gotten a neck inflammation again, and my wrists hurt. So I'm gonna have to try and stay away from my beloved laptop when it's not absolutely necessary to be on it....