Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here we go again...

It's been a long time since last I blogged. I feel bad. But here I am.

First of all, Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Has there really happened that much since last time I posted?
When was the last time I posted? Wait, and let me go check. Oh right, the weekend Renate was here. That is a long time ago.

Christmas was busy. I finished shopping for presents earlier than last year, and I am pretty happy with what I got for everyone. On Christmas Eve we had family here. Reidun, Jan, Aina, Øystein, Rikke and Adrian. And Tom. Grandma was supposed to be here too, but she's wasn't, because she's weird. After a nice Christmas Eve, there was something to do every day. I fell asleep like a baby every night. Which was nice for a change. Right before New Years, I got sick. My throat was sore, I coughed, my noce was runny and sounded like a drunken sailor of 110 years after a storm. That was not fun, considering I was going to London on January 2nd.

And London was great! Ann-Marie, Marion, Ragnhild and me. It was a short trip, but we shopped our luggage too full this time too. The only drawback was that the day before we left, I got sick. I ate apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert that day, and got stuck in the hotel room with a sore behind. I took some Imodium to make it stop, but that only made me nauseous. So I stopped taking them and got better and better by the minute. I lost my ticket to the London Eye though, and the musical. I was the one that wanted to go to the London Eye this time, and I couldn't. And the musical ticket to Dirty Dancing wasn't the cheapest one out there. But other than that, I had a fantastic time!

And when I came home, I finally bought the beautiful, wonderful, sexy, gorgeous HTC Touch HD. It is so awesome! Touch screen that is slightly bigger than the iPhone's. It has Word on it, and with that gigantic screen, writing will be a piece of cake! There's Opera on it, GPS (or Google maps), a YouTube application, animated weather forecast and so much more. And I can write notes with the stylus!

I think that was about it. Except for school starting up, an assignment has been done, and I'm learning Action Script 3.0. Which is turning out to be more fun than I thought!

This weekend I'm going to Sarpsborg, me, Marion and Ragnhild, going to Ann-Marie. There as an Alternativmesse there, and we're gonna play Tekken and play Rome and eat up our chocolate from Christmas. If I remember to bring it that is. I'm really looking forward to spending the entire weekend there. First of all because I love my friends, and second because they have the tendency to take my mind off less pleasant things. Like that thing that is coming back to me. I thought I got rid of it. See, I asked my pendant, if it would ever be something more than it is right now (which is pretty much nothing). And the pendant said it would never be. So I accepted that with ease and no pain. It was great! But then it just came back to me, like a lightning bolt in my poor head. I hate it. And I love it. And I hate that I love it.

That's life.

And there was suddenly no work to be done today. I managed to get 15 minutes done, and then there was nothing left. How fun. There's no way I'll manage the time limit before I go to Sarpsborg now. Guess everyone at Google is celebrating the new damn president. Obama-fever. Sure, he might be good for them. But seriously. It's still as crazy as all the Bush stuff. But then again, America is crazy. And they blow everything out of proportion.

So, until next time... stay nerdy! And wish me luck! I could use some luck at the moment, in several ways:)