Tuesday, February 17, 2009


There are several nerve-wrecking things going on at the moment.

You know Ikariam, the game where you build a city, with an army, scientists and alliances and stuff like that. Since before the weekend I've been attacked by a user called KingKong. He's been blocking my harbour, so I can't sell or buy merhandise. I haven't had much of an army before, what little I had always saved me when I needed it. But not this time. He keeps sending ships to block the harbour, then when he has a sufficient numbers there, he sends an army to rob me. Thankfully I managed to stop the robbing, but he's sending another gang now. Thankfully, again, I got a message a few days ago about an offer to join an alliance. Today I accepted in desperation. So far one of them is sending help to break the block. And I am building ships and units. But it takes hours for it be enough to make any difference.

I sent as much as I could of my marble to my other cities, before he arrived with the new batch of ships. Then I can keep the marble safe there and sell it. But I can't do anything about the money. As soon as I have full access to my cities, I'm gonna focus on research and army and spies. Upgrade the buildings, buy what I need to make it, and sell as much marble as I can to buy the stuff I need. Then when I have a large army, I can protect myself and come to the aid of anyone in the alliance, and I can focus on building up other parts of my city.

Less than half an hour now untill the first shipment of robbers come. And I'm on my own for now. Guess they'll take the rest of my marble. But hopefully not the rest of my money. The budget is negative, I loose money every hour and need to be able to sell stuff to not go bankrupt.

Another thing that's... kind of... nerve-wrecking is the same old thing... I dreamt last night. I think it was two dreams, they were connected, but at the same time not. Both were very nice. The first one a bit dramatic, I needed saving, and he saved me. The second... well... Let's just say I can't remember last time I smiled so much. Waking up after something like that... Bittersweet. Love having dreams like that, so I don't want to wake up. But I hate them because it's just so wrong to have them about ......... So it's a blessing waking up. But I can't stop thinking about any of it for the rest of the day.

It is SO DAMN frustrating to want it so much, but at the same time trying so hard to not want it. And it's so damn frustrating being an adult in the middle of it....

Just 4 minutes untill the first ship with robbers arrive in my city now. So I guess I'll finish the post here.

Untill next time, keep in touch with the child in you!

PS! Renate: The pictures you asked for will come very soon!