Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

On Saturday March 28th it's time for Earth Hour again. 8:30PM to 9:30PM local time. For one hour you turn off your lights to vote for our Earth, leave them on and you vote for global warming.

It started in Sydney in 2007 and last year it involved the world. Now in 2009, even more will participate!


Go to to find out more and sign up! Tell your friends and tell your family!

Sign up for Earth Hour! - I VOTE EARTH: Martine Lorentzen

   Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baker Berle

We have this assignment at school now, in Flash. It's about making two banner ads for a fake company called "Baker Berle". We're to use what we've learned, the ads needs to involve the user a little bit, as in the ads are not just clickable, but the user can "play" with them a bit.

I had some real issues with my second ad this weekend. The first one I finished a while ago, but I really struggled with the second one. I wanted to import some pictures of cakes in a sliding picture show, and have a fountain of chocolate bits beside it. But I couldn't for the life of me manage to import the pictures from outside flash automatically to save bandwidth. But on Monday I did it manually, it isn't ideal, but it worked! So in 20 minutes I did what I struggled all of Saturday with plus more!

And here they are, if you want to see! CLICKY!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The unexpected

I was just downstairs, getting ready to go to bed, and I thought a little bit. And I came to this conclution: I swear to Merlin, that if ever the unexpected happens, I'm gonna do a Bella and faint. It doesn't have to be a big unexpected, just the casual everyday "Why, hello, are you here too?".

Just thinking about it makes me go slightly breathless. And it seems I'm in another period where it takes very little to remind me and make me think. Just recently had a period where it was slow and off my mind, and I kind of hoped it would last. But I guess it was too much to ask for.

So here I am, sitting watching TV, reading something, eating, walking to and from school, talking to someone, and it hit me hard and I have to screw up my eyes, ball my fists and focus on getting my body under control. Worst are the train rides to school. Sitting there too tired, too awake or too bored to sleep, thoughts wander and I daydream. Now that's dangerous.

It's got to be weird, reacting like this. But I am weird. Period.

Good night!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Preview of new fanfic

Well, I've decided to delete the blog at the HPFF forums as well. So to make up for that, I'm posting the preview of the new story I'm working on here:

It will be a trilogy called Liberate Te Ex Inferis. The preview is from the prologue, but may be changed or cut when it will be ready for posting.

Hate. Everybody says that it is such a strong word. And I sort of agree. When you use the word, you can't take it back. But if there are certain people that you ought to love, but just can't, what should you say about you feelings then? When you can't conjure any feelings of love for them, what is it you feel? When you have good reasons to hate them, can you do it even if they're family?

The three parts of the story is currently untitled, but the main name will be Liberate Te Ex Inferis, as I said above. Credits to melihobbit for the title!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

People that make me mad

There are some people that make me so incredibly mad. And some people I really like, but when they say certain things, I really hate them for it.

And the thing that makes me go off like that, is summer. Everyone is so excited about summer, they complain all through the winter, wishing the "fucking snow" could disappear. They can't wait for the trees to bud, the flowers to blossom or the bloody sun to shine all day, and preferably all night. This pisses me of!

Doesn't anyone have issues with the pollen? Runny nose? Runny eyes? Itching eyes? Eyes full of goo? Sneezing? Nose so clogged up with a disgusting matter that doesn't let enough oxygen through to the brain? Do they all love to sleep in their own sweat? Do they like how the heat makes you so lazy and tired, and then unable to sleep? The worst part is that it's getting worse and worse every year.

Yes, I admit, the summer can be beautiful. And I love getting a tan, feeling the sun burn my skin. And the smell of summerwarm skin is so incredibly nice. But I'd trade it any day for a longer winter and a cooler summer. Tan can be achieved in other ways, there are lots of other nice smells out there and the winter can be even more beautiful to look at. I'd rather shovel snow off my car, scrape ice off the windows and wait in endless traffic than sit completely still with lots of cleenex and allergy pills and fans all around.

I know it's childish of me, but I can't help it, I can't understand why anyone would welcome a season so full of SHIT!

Do you really want to be covered in this from March to October?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The phenomenon of Snape-fans

This morning, as I was driving to the train station, I was listening to an episode of Snapecast. Haven't listened to the last three episodes, and the oldest was from September last year.

Well, I was listening to the opening of episode 29, they were talking about the conventions they had been to that summer. On one of them they had made a new name for the Harry/Draco/Severus ship. It went from Snarky (I think) to Drapery (which I really like, and made me want to read it). Then I thought that, women who like Snape have incredibly dirty minds. It's scary sometimes. I kind of already knew this, but I had never really thought about it as a phenomenon before. It doesn't matter the age, origin, looks, jobs, interests....

I have only read half a Snape-fic before (half because it was suddenly deleted from the site I read it on) that was centered around him, and it was a Snape/Hermione. It was dirty. The opening was so dirty it even shocked me. And I'm not easily shocked.

I had to ask Ann-Marie, my only friend who is a real Snape-fan about why Snape-fans were like this. And this was her simple answer:
"The fantasies. We are a seperate species of very kinky women, and it's in our nature to be drawn to a man like Snape."

It seems like they really are a seperate species. Because I thought I had a dirty mind, but it's nothing compared to Snape-women. The gutter spawned them, and in the gutter they live, and in the gutter they die happily.


Enough of that. So, new blog! Like it? I do! I've been thinking about making a blog on my own from scratch or moving the one I had for some time now. But I've been thinking about my homepage, and it really wasn't any point of having it like it was. So I replaced it with blog from Blogspot, and put up links to A Sinful Fantasy, Sinfu[L]ayouts and my portfolio. And then I made a new link to the fanlistings I'm on. Can't forget them, can we? :)

Some people may miss the pictures on the old Sinful Sanctuary, but I have plans to put them back up. See, has this fantastic feature that lets their users create galleries. It's simple to use, pretty to look at, and free. So I'll use that for galleries from now on. I'll post the link once it's ready, and post in the blog about it.

And Sinfu[L]ayouts will change it's name and become a place where I'll post the layouts that is already there, and I'll put all my photos, banners, wallpapers, avatars and other graphics up there, in one happy place! And I'll try to put my poetry up on A Sinful Fantasy.

Lots to do. Got a web-design job too, and an assignment for school, and I have to finish my portfolio....

But first, I'll see if there's any work to do before I go watch Lost and Ugly Betty!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My room

Renate was wondering some time back if I could post some pictures of my room, since I was getting some new stuff and so on. So here are a few:

The newest addition, well worth its 1500 kroners!

I seriously need to get more room for my books, because this looks just stupid. And there's so many more books I want to buy, but can't because I don't want to put any books away to make room for others! That's blasphemy!

I'm hoping to buy a new couch soon, one that can be used as a guest bed!

My beloved door, with a few pictures and drawings and cards of and from my lovely friends!

I think these pictures were taken when I was finished taking down the Christmas decorations, so it's all clean, but perhaps not as tidy as I usually like it.

I really should try to post more pictures here, and now that I have a wonderful phone with lots of gigabytes and a new compact camera with wonderful quality, I really don't have an excuse. But there seems to be something wrong with my phone at the moment. I can't syncronize it in Window Mobile Device Center anymore, and I can't copy, cut or move files on the device, or from pc to phone or phone to pc. If I open Word on the phone and try to delete a document from there, it's allright. If I delete a picture from the picture viewer it's allright. But I can't do anything about the rest of the files through the file explorer. But none of that matters if I can't syncronize my fanfiction documents! Even the memory card is troublesome. So, all my files have mysteriously become readonly files, and I don't know how or what to do. I can't even ask Microsoft about it, because they want me to pay for support. Stupid greedy Bill Gates. Like he isn't shitting money already:P

Friday, March 06, 2009

Busy couple of weeks

Wow, the last two weeks have been busy!

Last week there was double school. Usually I have it Monday and Tuesday from 9-4, and 9-12 on Wednesday. But because we had to postpone the start of the school year back in August because of technical issues, we caught up with that week last week. So after lunch on Wednesday it was right into another classroom for some C#. But it was nice with some C# again, because I am SOO SICK AND TIRED of flash. You have no idea. I've never been a fan of flash, well, I'm no fan of making flash, I am a fan of using flash that others made. And I find it hard to concentrate during flash. But C#, no problem focusing there!

When I wasn't coding, I worked on designing the program for the local theater thing. Which I of course love doing, but now it was kind of stressful. Because I really didn't get the text and pictures I needed when I needed it. But I managed to finish it on Wednesday night, and the pdf was sent to print Thursday morning, the copies picked up today, and soon I will be paid for the job:) And that will make the neckache and all that worth it. A little bit anyway.

Went to the chiropractor yesterday. That wasn't nice. Something has happened in my neck/back/something and he wanted me to come back on Monday already. I sent an e-mail to Lionbridge and told them what was going on, so I've got the rest of the week off from work. Hopefully that will help.

I registered at Twitter! Everyone was talking about it, and curiosity finally got the better of me. There's only one person I already know that's there, and that's Rachell. So come on everyone, register! It's really fun! And follow me on! In case you're wondering what Twitter is: It's a social network where you can post messages on your profile. They can't be longer than 140 characters, and it's all about family and friends being updated on your life. You can Twitter from web, from SMS and from apps on your phone, in your browser or your operating system. It's simple, easy and fun! Much less complicated than Facebook. Blah. Facebook.

That's all for now. But before I go; Renate: I promise that I'll post the pictures soon! I just have to make them smaller:)