Monday, April 05, 2010

Update to A Sinful Fantasy

I'm not sure if I mentioned anything about this before, but I have been planning to redo my site A Sinful Fantasy. I had an idea about making it here in Blogger, but that didn't go as planned. So I've had to do it the old fashioned way. And because the domain is hosted by, it only has access to php and MySQL, so I can't make the site easier for updating by creating an admin part. So it's going to be really really old fashioned. By time I will of course learn php too, and change the site again.

Anyway, the reason behind this post, is that I am now finished with the new layout. In many ways it's similar to the old one, but it's fresher and I think it's more pretty. I will also finally add my poetry to A Sinful Fantasy. And it's getting a new name, and so it have to get a new URL, but you will hardly notice that change, since I'll be putting an automatic refresh or a special DNS setting on the old URL

And so, before I start creating a css template of the design, I'm giving you a preview here:

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