Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reinstalling Vista 3rd time around

So, I'm having trouble with my Adobe license again... It stopped working. Right in the middle of a project on a tight schedule. And right on time for ruining my trip to Fredrikstad. Typical.

I've been in touch with Adobe. They couldn't fix it then and there. So the guy I talked to said he was going to take this higher in the hierarchy and get back to me. That was over a week ago, so because I can't wait anymore on a solution that probably won't work, I am taking matters into my own hands.

Yesterday I tried out Open Office. Since it seemed like I sometime in the near future needed to reinstall Vista and I am out of Microsoft Office licenses, I tried Open Office. It was okay, some things really bothering me, but it's the only option unless I want to pay thousands.

Today I uninstalled Adobe, but found out that there were so many files and folders left, even after I ran CS3Clean Script. So instead of installing, uninstalling, installing, uninstalling Adobe to get it to work again, I gave up and decided to reinstall everything. As I type, I am formatting my D: disc/partition/whatever-it's-called. I didn't take the quick formatting this time around, so it takes more time than usual. After that, I'm popping in Acer eRecovery disc 1 and starting over.

I do think that all those times I've reinstalled everything has made this laptop last as long as it has. It's recommended you reinstall you pc once a year, and I've done it 3 times in a year now. There's lots of crap lying around from everything you do on a computer, and it's healthy for it to start over from time to time. Imagine how you would feel if you never went to the bathroom or never took a shower. You'd feel pretty awful after a while. (Yes, I just compared my laptop to a human, so what? Mom and dad call my laptop "son-in-law".)

Now, I'm off to play Mahjongg while I wait for D: to be done formatting.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A new menu

So, I was exploring Blogger a little bit last night, and found out that they now have this thing called Pages, where you can add up to ten html pages in a menu. So I've done that now. I took away some of the lists and texts on the right side here, and put them in the menu between the header and the blog posts. So it's easier to find information now, and the clutter on the side is gone!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

An inspiring review

I got an awfully nice review from Emily on the epilogue of Antidote: True Love the other day:

Honestly, that was the best story I have ever read, and I've read a lot. Story was not too long and yet not rushed, the characters were developped extremely well, and no one was OOC. It was brilliant! You did such a fantastic job! And what I liked most about your story was Shira. She was an OC, right? I mean, wow. She fit in perfectly! I could actually see her being a character in the harry potter series, she was so well done.

Overall, I'm amazed. There was a perfect balance of everything in this story. You are truly a great author. It'll be really hard for me to read another series now that I've read yours. I don't think any others can even come close to comparing.

Keep writing, you're amazing!

I don't think I've ever gotten a bad review, most of them are good, only some are semi good. But that review made me want to write more again. I've been pretty lazy about writing lately, and of course semi unable because of the spinal disc herniation. But that is certainly on its way to be better, some days are worse than others, but there's certainly improvement. So because I am now more able to do what I want in front of the computer as long as I take breaks often, and remember to walk as much as I can and slowly start exercising to rebuild my muscle strength, I will try very very hard to write more.

My old habit of opening first Word and then Opera whenever I start the computer is broken. I now only open Opera and then Firefox, to deal with my FarmTown and FarmVille and those applications. Now, I will work on getting that old habit back, with a tweak. First Word, then Opera, and then Firefox.

But before I devote my time to the two new stories I have in mind, I will read through Spell? Curse? Hex? Potion? and Antidote: True Love and edit out any spelling or grammar mistakes and stuff like that. After that, perhaps I have gotten so back into the habit of opening Word and writing, that the two new stories will write themselves like SCHP and ATL did.

So now, I will finish the game of Cover Orange 2 and start figuring out a routine for fixing SCHP and ATL. I can't just open the story in Word and go from there, because I have to upload the changes to HPFF, and A Sinful Fantasy. And crazy me just had an idea (hey, that rhymed)! How about starting another blog, a blog where I can post my fanfiction! That is just crazy, but I'll think about it nonetheless.

Oh, and I've finished reading Dangerverse. Or at least everything that's posted so far. I haven't read the oneshots and side stories of what happen in between Dangerverse chapters, but I will get to that. I really recommend you read Dangerverse. I will try to make a post with a proper review of the series. In the mean time, you can find the stories here at whydoyouneedtoknow's profile at The order of reading is:

  1. Living With Danger
  2. Living Without Danger
  3. Dealing With Danger
  4. Facing Danger

Until next time, happy reading! And thank you, Emily, for the review!

4 day weekend in Fredrikstad

It's been a few weeks, but since Ann-Marie's been bugging about an update, she'll get one. Oh, she will get one.

First, I'll talk about what we did while in Fredrikstad.

I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing because of the spinal disc herniation and the fact that I had to drive all the way down and then probably sit to play games and just not lie on the floor as much as I'd like. But the drive was okay, not a lot of pain. Just that one little stab when I moved my ass in the seat, safe to say I moved back quickly. And at Ann-Marie's I got to lie on the floor a lot, I got to lie on an extra mattress on the couch at night, and Ragnhild finally got her wish of lying on the extra bed I always use. On Thursday Ann-Marie had dinner mostly ready when we came, along with 2 different desserts. On Friday we shopped, played games, played Wii and watched the finale of Korslaget. On Saturday we met up with Tine at a mall where the winner of Korslaget was supposed to be, Team Åge. The team showed up, but Åge didn't. That was disappointing. I rooted for Team Bjarne, but I think Åge could have the decency to show up anyway... After that Ann-Marie, Ragnhild and I went to the ice skate rink. Ann-Marie and Ragnhild skated while I documented the event. I didn't dare to skate myself, because of the disc herniation. I did not want to be bedridden for days on end. That evening Tine came, and we played Rome and watched the national final of Eurovision Song Contest. I am not happy about the winner. An on Sunday Ragnhild and I went to Sweden, Ann-Marie wasn't feeling so well after her night out delivering the newspapers, so she stayed home.

So that was the weekend in short rushed words. Now, my Adobe license has stopped working again. So I will not be posting the few pictures I took, but I got 2 videos I want to post. So, here you go, Ann-Marie. Careful what you wish for!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In honor of Ann-Marie

Ann-Marie ordered me to update this blog today. So I just thought I would.

Here is an update, Ann-Marie?

You know, you should be careful what you wish for. I have some interesting videos and pictures of you ski jumping with your Wii and attempting to skate with Ragnhild. I might just post them.

Wait, might?

I will.

Just not right now.