Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter at Ikariam!

Okay, this is just bloody hilarious!

I just checked my e-mail and saw I had one from the Ikariam team. I didn't read it that carefully, because it said something about decorating the game for Easter so I just had to run over and see for myself. And it was so fun!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Changing the layout!

As you can probably tell, the layout of the blog has changed. This is kind of temporary. I'm working on updating the entire layout, but I can't make a good header. I've tried to request one at TDA, but that didn't work out well. I'm trying again, with a simpler request, and more artistic freedom for the talented artist that want to try my request.

The basic layout that is here now, is the way it will be. But the header, obviously, will change. And the colors may or may not change to fit the new header. The bad thing about this new template designer in Blogger in Draft, is that you can't specify a background image. You can choose from lots of good pictures, but not provide your own link. But I hope the new header match a good background. Otherwise I have to just go with a plain color for my background.

So, I'm posting the request at TDA in a few minutes, and it may take a few days for someone to pick up the request, and then maybe a few days to fill it. So be patient!

Contact lenses!

Last Thursday I had an appointment with Specsavers, for a quick check on my eyes and contact lens tutoring. It went great, and I got a message from them this morning that my new lenses were ready for pick up. It feels a little bit strange, but I can't remember the last time I saw things this clearly.

I think maybe these lenses make my eyes a bit too dry. But I'm gonna try some of mom's lenses tomorrow. One of her eyes is the same as both of mine, so she gave me two of them to try. She once used the trial lenses I have now, and she too found them to make her eyes a bit dry. So hopefully hers will feel better.

It actually feels a bit wrong with contact lenses. I keep reaching for my glasses to adjust them or push them further up my nose. But they're not there. And I feel that I don't have glasses on, so then I expect to get soar eyes and a headache and have a slightly blurry vision. So it's strange to see clearly without the feel of the frames on my glasses.

But of course, it's all about habit...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finished editing!

I have finally finished the editing of Spell? Curse? Hex? Potion? and Antidote: True Love! FINALLY! And the updates are now online on HPFF and Not sure if I'm gonna bother updating A Sinful Fantasy yet. I have the files ready, but I'm hoping to do a revamp of the entire site sometime soon.

And some fantastic news! The sequel to SCHP and ATL, the series of one-shots, I now have one of them as good as done. And it only took my 3 hours! It got a couple of sad parts, so sad I almost cried while writing it, and at the same time it's steaming hot! I had lots of fun with it. And I've gotten a few other ideas for one-shots, and I've already started one of them, which I think will be a bit fun! I'm so excited about finally starting to write again! YAY!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Please help me find good fanfiction!

During the last couple of weeks I've lost myself to reading fanfiction again. And I've been reading nothing but Remus/OC stories. I know I once said I liked to read Remus/Hermione, but now, I don't understand what I saw in those stories. There is just something so incredibly addictive about a Remus/OC, preferably set in the Marauders era. I honestly don't understand what Rowling was thinking about, setting him up with Tonks. I know there is a thing called "opposites attract", but Remus and Tonks are so wrong. A puppy dies every time someone ship them. And while Remus and Hermione was fun for a while, you just reach a point where you realise how incredibly wrong that is too.

Oh my, I've rambled away from the point I was gonna make with this post. Why isn't there any good Remus/OC stories out there? I've been through most of the stories on HPFF and There are lots there, but there are mostly one-shots and crap. I've read one okay and one good on HPFF. Both very similar, and thankfully I read the best of the two last. On I started one long okay one, but I eventually just skimmed through it. The sequel though, is amazing so far. She doesn't update much, but I reviewed and she promised the story wasn't abandoned.

I've kind of lost my point again. You can probably tell by now that I loose my focus when coming to Remus/OC. So my main point by this post:

Can someone please guide me to good stories with Remus/OC as the main pairing? The story doesn't have to be a "getting there" story, as long as Remus/OC is appearing I won't mind much, and of course, the story has to be WELL WRITTEN. I wouldn't mind some fluff, as long as it's WELL WRITTEN. And it can not be a one-shot!

I really think I like Remus/OC over Draco/OC at the moment. Though there certainly are better chances at a good Draco/OC...

Now, I'm off to desperately search the internet for anything worth reading, anything WELL WRITTEN that is not a one-shot.

Friday, March 05, 2010


Can someone please tell me how it is possible to feel so much for someone you barely see?

Or just bloody Obliviate me?













Utterly pathetic, this is.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sheldon tries to smile

Fan-Art Winner

I just think it's so fun to see my title at the Norwegian Ikariam forums!

"Fan-Art Vinner" (Fan-Art Winner)