Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Bang Theory music video

I've seen a lot of compliations and fanmade musicvideoes and other fanvideoes in my life, but I must say that this is one of the better ones. Fun music, clips that actually fit, some mixing that shows that the creator has some video editing skills.

But it's difficult to screw up something from Big Bang Theory :)

Now I'm off to see the episode where Penny makes Sheldon keep a secret from Leonard, and Sheldon ends up high on valium. Enjoy the video!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deathly Hallows Part 1 Test Screening SPOILER ALERT

Yesterday, on my birthday, Chicago time, a bunch of lucky people attended a test screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. There are a bunch of reviews on Mugglenet, and I will link to all of them here and quote my favourite parts below.

Beware of spoilers! Beware of spoilers! Beware of spoilers! Beware of spoilers! Beware of spoilers! Beware of spoilers! Beware of spoilers! 


MuggleCast #206: Emerson and Eric review Deathly Hallows, Part 1!
Deathly Hallows, Part 1 Review #2: 'This IS the movie we have been waiting for'
Deathly Hallows, Part 1 Review #3 - 'To believe that this is just part one is crazy'
In-depth recap of Deathly Hallows, Part 1 from Emerson and Eric

Everything was perfect. Dobby's death was done perfectly. You could see the emotion in Harry and the gang.

Voldemort was in the movie a LOT, but I didn't care - that's what made it so real for me. Him and Snape on screen together was amazing. This IS the movie we have been waiting for.

One last thing: The wedding was so great. Kingsley's message was so dark and powerful that you knew things were about to go down.

The opening scene starts out with us looking into the eyes of the new Minister of Magic. We segue into seeing Harry, Ron and Hermione in each of their homes. The Dursleys hastily pack up their possessions to leave 4 Privet Dr. Hermione erases herself from her parents' memory. I found it very unsettling as we watch her disappear from all her family pictures.

The evil power of locket and the stress of their mission weigh down on them. I never saw Ron look so burnt out. While reading the books, I was angry that he could just abandon them. However, seeing it visually made me sympathize with him.

As well, seeing Batty turn into snake was horrifying. It will probably be even scarier in 3D.

Hermione's torture really brings out a side of Bellatrix, an aspect of her character that we haven't seen before. What drives her to torture Hermione is both interesting and exciting on film.

Bill Nighy is great as Minister for Magic Rufus Scrimgeour; the film opens with him addressing the media.

I cannot wait! And the most amazing thing is that we will most likely see the movie for the first time in Orlando. The ultimate place to see the movie for the first time would be in Leicester Square in London, but alas. Seeing it in Orlando will still be a great experience!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Sadly I couldn't find a nice picture to match last year's greeting to myself, but I found this nice one:

So, Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday too meeeeee!

Happy Birthday to me!
(I actually found myself whisper-sing it to myself while I got to bed last night :P)

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Hogwarts Letter!

It finally came! My Hogwarts letter! Only 13 years too late...

(Wow. Deja vu. Seriously. This has happened before. Me sitting here writing about this. Strange.)

But it was only a letter from Ann-Marie (second best thing, after Hogwarts admittance letter), the one currently working in Disney World in Florida, living within reasonable distance to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (I'm deadly jealous. Not about the working and living in USA, but the Harry Potter part.)
The letter really made my day! I love you, Ann-Marie!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quality Remus Lupin fanfiction

A commenter asked me if I could post links to all the good Remus/OC stories I've read on the world wide web. And I said I would do so happily! Anything to help a fellow Remus-fan! I know how damn hard it can be to find a good story like this, so I will comb my favourite lists everywhere and collect them here. Perhaps I should make it an everlasting project.

Now, I must say this: I do not think I have any one-shots on my list of favourite Remus stories. And I almost always look for completed stories, so there might be some excellent stories out there that are WIP. If I find promising WIPs I just bookmark them and wait for them to finish. But I do follow some WIPs, but I will mark every link properly.

Before I really begin, I have to post the links to my favourite all-time, AU, Remus/OC, Harry with family, romance, drama, angst, fluff, humour series:
Dangerverse by whydoyouneedtoknow on FF.Net
Part 1: Living With Danger (Complete)
AU, first in the main Dangerverse series, now complete. Lone wolf. Dream-seer. Bright child. Scarred child. Singer. Prisoner. Dancer child. Dragon child. Eight semi-ordinary people. One extraordinary family, and how they became one. Pre-Hogwarts story.
Part 2: Living Without Danger (Complete)
AU, second in main Dangerverse, complete. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger–Lupin, and Draco Black were raised by the Marauders and their wives. Now they and their friend Ron Weasley are off to Hogwarts. Heaven help Hogwarts. Years 1 and 2, twisted canon.
Part 3: Dealing With Danger (Complete)
AU, third in main Dangerverse, complete. Take two Marauders and the women who put up with them. Add eight naughty children, two evil escapees from Azkaban, one wise Headmaster, and a dash of Dark Lord. Shake well and enjoy. Years 3 and 4, twisted canon.
Part 4: Facing Danger (WIP)
AU, fourth in main Dangerverse, in progress. Weddings and funerals and babies, oh my! Despite the Second War, life goes on for Pack and Pride. Harry is determined to beat Voldemort. The question is, who will die along the way? Year 6, Chapter 44.
There are also a ton of one-shots with scenes in between stuff in the series. I had a proper list of chronological order, but I can't find it. When I find a list, I will post it.


Now, the list:

Love Throughout Time by SilverwingsJP @ FF.Net, Complete
When Melissa Ross is lurched suddenly into the past, she feels as if her world has gone suddenly topsyturvy. However, with the help of the Marauders—especially one by the name of Remus Lupin—she feels at home in this strange new time and place.
Not very good in quality, and it's quite long, but it's an easy read and worth it for the quality of the sequel, Timely Affections.
Timely Affections by SilverwingsJP @ FF.Net, WIP
The continuation to 'Love Throughout Time'. Now that Melissa is back in her own time, what spellbinding adventures shall she endure this time around? AU
Not updated so often, but she has assured me that she will not be giving up the story. She's quick to reply to reviews, and that's a good sign in my book.

Silent Moon by StOrpheia @ FF.Net, WIP
Artemis Titus was brought up in the one of the darkest pureblood Wizarding families. How is it then that she ended up in Gryffindor? Now in her 6th year, she is alone, and silent. Can Remus Lupin change that?Very well written, rushes through Artemis' first 5 years, but not in a way that's confusing. Very talented author.

The Best Laid Plans of Witches and Werewolves by Kimberlee19 @ FF.Net, Complete
Elaina Cohen is a seventh year with a plan - to seduce her wolfy professor. Warning: Adult situations
This is a long one-shot, 14,339 words. It's wonderful, there are very adult situations in this one, but in a fun way. Some may find some of it offensive, but it's worth to read until the end.

The Lycanthropy Specialist by KayMac @ FF.Net, WIP
Over a year after Remus Lupin leaves his teaching post at Hogwarts, he finds himself face to face with the student he couldn't forget.
About Remus needing medical attention after a transformation, and one of his students is the lycanthropy specialist at St. Mungo's. Things develop :)

When the Eventide Returns by Peregrinari @ FF.Net, WIP
The time before this story begins, my life was almost idyllic. Theoretically, it was selfish of me to strive against what I had been given, but I deserved what I had reaped for myself in the end. But, given the chance, I would do it all over again.
A bit angsty, haven't been updated since I started reading it, but I keep hoping.

The DADA Professor by RJLupinFan @ FF.Net, Complete
Lockhart was one thing, but the handsome, kind and intelligent Professor R.J. Lupin is in a league of his own - or at least that's what Faylinn Goodwill thinks about her new teacher. Can she survive the year without her little crush being exposed?

It's All Coming Back To Me Now by vikki222 @ HPFF, Complete
What happens when a 6th year girl has an accident and loses all of her memories? She needs help. And her best friend, Remus Lupin, is more than happy to give it to her. Based on It's All Coming Back To Me Now, By Celine Dion
Is a song-fic. Starts out as a bit Sirius/OC, ends up as Remus/OC. Beautiful story!

Quiet Conner by SweetAndSilent21 @ HPFF, Complete
Casey Connor is quiet, despite the loony tornado flitting about her head. She doesn't like confrentation or having attention drawn to herself at all. But with the infamous 'Marauders' thrusting into her world, things are bound to go astray...

Tongue Tied by queenspuppet @ HPFF, Complete
Calliope DeSole is not your average Remus Lupin fan girl. She doesn't giggle or smile at him when he walks by, she ducks around a corner. In fact, it's a difficult task getting her to talk to anyone. What's a voluntary mute to do when repeatedly shoved into situations with her secret crush?

Series by LadyDarkHeart @ HPFF, All complete
Part 1: Marauder Magic
As the Marauders start their seventh year of school, life finally starts moving faster than they want it to. James finally gets a date with Lily, Sirius is learning where his place is in life, and Remus finds love in Sirius's rebellious cousin, Phoenix Darkheart. Between the cycles of the moon and action-packed Quidditch matches, the students are learning that growing up isn't all it's cut out to be...
Part 2: The Dark Years
This story is the sequel to Marauder Magic, and it plays out the events that happened between the time the Marauders left Hogwarts and the end of the First War. In order to grasp the full story, you MUST read Marauder Magic!
Part 3: Ghosts of Past and Present
The third and final installment to my fanfiction story, Ghosts of Past and Present, is the sequel to The Dark Years (which is the sequel to Marauder Magic) and takes place during the timeline of Book 7 (not yet written). If you haven't read the previous two stories, as well as the six Harry Potter books, you probably wont get this story.

And finally a Neville centric story I found while searching for a Remus story.
Becoming Neville by Jedi Rita @ FF.Net, Complete
Neville's Gran breaks her hip just after his fifth year at Hogwarts, and he must spend the summer with Harry and Remus. They discover a hidden message in the candy wrappers his mother has been giving him, and begin to uncover the mystery.
Though it is a Neville centric story, Remus is part of the story, and is very much worth the read.


And here are some I either haven't begun reading yet, or haven't decided should be a favourite:

Fire and Water by remuslives23 @ FF.Net, Complete
Remus Lupin-an alternative story. From first trip on Hogwarts Express to the Final Battle. Starts off slow but please stick with it-it's worth it.
When they reach 5-6-7 years and life after school, there are a lot of adult situations. Fun! :P

Not Quite the Same by teawithme @ FF.Net, WIP
Lyra, is left with nothing but the mere thought of what her life used to be, after the Second Wizarding War. Family members, friends, and familiar faces are gone, but she hopes to find solance in the misery her life has become.

Two Of Us by teawithme @ FF.Net, WIP
When Remus Lupin, the new Defense teacher, comes to Hogwarts, Susan Thoits, the girl who has everything going for her finds that what she truly wants may not go according to her plan.

Ebb and Flow by emberlivi @ Fictionalley, Complete
How could she not worry? What had she done? The thought crossed her mind that she could do it again. This was a curse. A terrible curse she had no control over.

Lupin's True Love by Carey Ann Lupin @ Fictionalley, Complete
The Marauders discover a plot that involves their new friend, Veronica Croft. James and Sirius also discover that Remus is falling in love with Veronica. Does she love him back? Will they ever be happy?

Lupin's True Love Returns by Carey Ann Lupin @ Fictionalley, Complete
A middle school teacher has an interesting vision from her past. A past she can't remember. What does it all mean?


Wow, that was a lot. Though not enough! So keep an eye out for my own Remus/OC story, preview here, will eventually be posted at HPFF and FF.Net and my own site.

Hope this helps, anonymous commenter! Happy howling at the moon! Aaaaooooo! :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

New jacket!

I was out shopping with mum the other day, at Strømmen. At Kapphal we found this awesome jacket that fit me perfectly! It's a leather jacket and I love it so much I have to tell the world about it! The sad part is that there's really no need for a jacket these days. It may rain, but it's too warm for a person like me to wear a jacket.

Moony ♥ and Wormtail

Just a couple of weeks back I was sitting outside, bored and escaping from dad's constant snoring. I was listening to the Prisoner of Azkaban audiobook and decided I wanted to draw Moony. So I did. Then I thought I could draw the other Marauder's animal forms. I did Wormtail. But then I thought that I might draw Padfoot too similar to Moony, and then I found out I just didn't know how to draw Prongs. At least without having something to watch.

I am quite happy with these. They're not good, but considering the fact that I'm not a born artist and that I haven't drawn seriously since I left Bjørkelangen in 2005, it's pretty good.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The week with grandma

Last week grandma was here, for the entire week. Mom and dad was on holiday in Denmark, and I guess mom felt a little bit bad for me since I really don't enjoy being home alone during summer, so she called grandma. It was nice to have grandma here. But I would have liked having almost anyone here, as long as it meant I wouldn't go through each night alone.

So we were out and about a lot that week, even if it was only to go to the store.

^ It's impossible to take a proper picture of her, so this was the best I could find. Christmas 2005

On Monday I met her in Lillestrøm where I had an appointment to wax my eyebrows. We walked around in Lillestrøm afterwards, and did some grocery shopping. And around 4-5 we drove mom and dad to the train station.

On Tuesday we went to Bjørkelangen to check out the huge Europris shop there. It wasn't as good as I had expected. Then a bit later that day we went to Espen and Silje and Mons (aunt, uncle and cousin). Ilona (my cousin) were supposed to come there, and stay for the night, and so we thought it would be nice to see both her and Mons at the same time. A few other people were there too. And I think I enjoyed myself a bit too much...

On Wednesday grandma had to pop home for a bit, she was expecting an important letter, and had to see if had come. So I decided that I could have a meeting at the same time.

On Thursday we made waffles, shopped a bit and went to see my grandfather and other grandmother (the ones on dad's side).

Friday and Saturday we did nothing special.

On Sunday she went home, and Marion and Ragnhild came for a visit. So I slept alone in the house that night and went to pick up mom and dad late on Monday.

I don't know what I would have done if grandma hadn't been here that week. But I guess I'll kind of find out now, since mom and dad have a second week of holiday and went to their caravan in Sweden today. Oh joy.

Friday, August 06, 2010

A safe haven

Do you have anything that makes you feel absolutely safe and content?

Is it a place you go to?
Or is it a certain person?
Or a group of people?
Is it in the presence of a pet?
Or is it in a special setting?
Is it a smell or a sound?
A picture or a memory?

I'm realising more and more that it is a person for me. It's all to do with this pathetic thing I just can't seem to get over no matter what I do or what happens.

But the other day, when I was in the presence of this person, I once again felt very calm. The prospect of meeting this person is always incredibly daunting, making me nervous, with sweaty palms and butterflies in my stomach. But as soon as the moment is there, everything is calm and I have no worries, about anything.

Going away afterwards is always a pain in the ass. But I live for these moments. And just thinking about them brings some sort of safety.

(And FYI: I'm this close to cracking.)

What's your safe haven?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My one and only (I think) phobia

I've been wanting to write about my growing fear of thunder.

I can't remember always being afraid, I think it began when I was around 14-15, or something. And I can't remember being very bothered by the fear the years since that, except for maybe last year and especially this year. Now it's bordering on a phobia.

Brontophobia: Fear of thunder

Astraphobia: Fear of thunderstorms

I'm not completely sure which one I might have, but I suppose Astraphobia could be it.

Symptoms copied from Wikipedia:
A person with astraphobia will often feel anxious during a thunderstorm even when they understand that the threat to them is minimal. Some symptoms are those accompanied with many phobias, such as trembling, crying, sweating, panic attacks, the feeling of dread, and rapid heartbeat. However, there are some reactions that are unique to astraphobia. For instance, reassurance from other people is usually sought, and symptoms worsen when alone. Many people who have astraphobia will look for extra shelter from the storm.[1] They might hide underneath a bed, under the covers, in a closet, in a basement, or any other space where they feel safer. Efforts are usually made to smother the sound of the thunder; the person may cover their ears or curtain the windows. A sign that someone has astraphobia is a very heightened interest in weather forecasts. An astraphobic person will be alert for news of incoming storms. They may watch the weather on television constantly during rainy bouts and may even track thunderstorms online. This can become severe enough that the person may not go outside without checking the weather first. In very extreme cases, astraphobia can lead to agoraphobia, the fear of leaving the home.
Luckily there has only been a thunderstorm once this year. But I've had some of the symptoms just by knowing it might happen. A desperate wish to be somewhere else, somewhere where there are no chance of any thunderstorms. A quickening of heartbeat. Desperate crying. And a tick, I guess you could call it, where I scrape or rub my fingers on the inside of my hands repetitively.

That one thunderstorm was a few weeks ago, at night. Mum and dad was home, thank Merlin, and mum offered to sleep on a spare bed in my room, but I refused. I have to get through it on my own. So there was, lying on my back, holding my tiger close (Yes, I sleep with a stuffed animal at nearly 24 years old, he's a much better sleeping partner than a man, though there are certain men/man that I would tolerate a lot from.), the power was out, it was hot. Glimpses of light was visible through the blinds which are supposed to block out all light. The rumbling was shaking my bed. Eventually I fell asleep. But I was deadly tired the next day. My heart had been hammering in my chest, my breathing heavy, my mind seeking safe places.

During the day, I can manage well enough. But I can't comprehend surviving a night of thunderstorm while being home alone. Should it happen at night when I'm not alone, I think I can manage. I'm not so afraid just thinking about it, since I lived through that night a few weeks ago. But I can't even comprehend being alone at night during a thunderstorm. That scares me to no end.

It's said that to overcome a fear, you have to seek it out. So of course I have to have one of the fears that are most difficult to seek out. Chance controls whether or not a thunderstorm comes. Because I have no problem reading about it or seeing it on TV. And I know what it is that's happening, as much as someone like me can understand from the physics of the world of course. But it's just an irrational fear, like fears are in most cases.

It's awful being afraid of an entire season. And I don't like summer in general, too warm, too many bugs, too much pollen, and then thunder on top of that. Merlin, I want winter. I want to live on Svalbard.

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