Sunday, August 14, 2011

Possibly bad news

I have some news that may be bad. "May be" because I don't know if it will happen this way, or if the post I'm about to write turns out to be pointless. But I have about one week to figure that out.

This is about Lunar Phases, and the dream I had about posting the first chapter on August 21st, my 25th birthday. As things are looking today, I won't be able to make it. I was away on "holiday" the last week, decided to suddenly join my parents in going to their caravan in Sweden. Grandmother has a caravan there too, so I stayed in hers. I had plans on getting a lot of stuff done, work wise and fanfiction wise. But that did not happen. I did a little bit of it. I wrote a couple of scenes from chapter 4 of Lunar Phases, one from something planned in chapter 7, and I got some extra ideas for future scenes. I've yet to put this on my laptop and combine it with I've got written there (I wrote this in my notebook) to get an overview. I will try to do this tonight after my parents have gone to bed and I have the house to myself, or I will do it first thing tomorrow.

But the thing is: I feel that 4 chapters isn't enough to start posting. I want to have a lot done before I start, so there will be less waiting for unknown amounts of time for the next chapter. And I haven't found a beta yet. I NEED a beta. I'm taking on a huge monster here, and I need all the help I can get. I will start messaging possible beta's tomorrow. I have the message mostly written already.

I will keep you updated on how things go this week, any change and you'll know almost immediately. But remember, the longer I take, the better the story will be. At least theoretically. :)

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