Monday, September 26, 2011

Beta-reader request

No, I'm not asking for beta-readers with that title. (Though I won't turn you down if it makes you want to send an "application".)

I've just sent my first beta-reader request on FanFiction.Net! Feeling a bit nervous now. I have no idea how beta-readers like to work, I have no idea if this person wants to become my beta-reader, I have no idea if we'll be able to work well together... I'm scared it will go to hell, but if I stay positive, it will work out!

I focused on spelling/grammar and characterization/plot when I sent the message, but I desperately need help with britpicking as well. I think I'm going to ask for that on the HPFF forums. You can't search for a beta-reader from a specific country on FF.Net, and the majority of the users there seem to be from America, so I think it'd be easier to ask for someone that can britpick on HPFF. Anyone who's up for helping with that, can just say so, and I won't have to go through thousands of profiles in order to find someone from Britain and then message them and ask if they can help.

So, that was an update, to let you know that I still intend to start posting Lunar Phases sometime before or on October 1st, whether I have a beta-reader by then or not. I can edit the chapter and repost it if necessary later :)

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