Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chapter 5 is done!

So, just wanted to tell you guys that I finished chapter 5 last night. Or at least I think I did. It need some revising of course. But that's the thing:

I've decided to not write any more until November and NaNo. All I'm going to do for the rest of October is plan as many chapters as I can after chapter 10 (which is as far as I've come in chapter-by-chapter planning) and revise and edit what I've written so far, so there's less to revise after November. I have a feeling what I write in November is going to need a lot of revising and editing.

But expect a very... interesting... chapter 2 this weekend! It's called "A Fertilized Accident" if that does anything do your imagination :) I had so much fun writing that chapter, both the first time I wrote it and the second time when I rewrote the story after the 5 original chapters.

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