Sunday, February 20, 2011

Story stats part 3

A Wolf's Soul is now done. Nothing more to write, nothing more to post. Unless I decide to go forth with that sequel... So here's the wonderful story stats:

I'm so happy about the success of the story... You have no idea...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So frustrated, so sad

I've now finished reading A Family Like None Other (don't worry, there will be no spoilers). I kind of regret starting it, I should have waited until it was finished, or at least another year. But how could I have known about the twist that aspeninthesunlight would make...

Merlin's f*cking beard.

I have no words about how frustrating and sad and absolutely heartbreaking it is... No story has ever gotten to me the way this story has. I just want to yell at the computerscreen and tell them all to get their heads out of their asses!

If only he could tell him about what he once told him and what really happened that time, then he can figure everything out and make it right. (He/him being representing one or more characters from the story.)
GAAAAAH!!!! Why the hell do aspen have to update so slowly?!?!?!?!

Just thinking about that one particular chapter makes me want to cry out in grief... I did cry when I read it. It's so bloody unfair!!!

You have to read this story! It has to be on your list of things to do before you die. It makes more of an impact on you if you read the entire series in a go, like I have done now.

So please, I'm on my knees, begging everyone out there, read the following:
1. A Year Like None Other (complete)
2. A Summer Like None Other (complete)
3. A Family Like None Other (work in progress, 32 chapters posted)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Neglecting my "writing" duties

As you probably understand, I've been reading A Year Like None Other again, for the third time. I finished it yesterday, and then I began reading A Summer Like None Other.

I'm not really that much of a fan of A Summer Like None Other. It's more from Draco's point of view (never thought I would say I didn't like something from Draco's POV, did you?), but it's just too much of his prejudiced and bratty thoughts. Yes, I know he's turned his life around in the Year universe, and is now fully on the side of the light, but it's clearly not that easy to turn ones beliefs completely around in one day. So I understand that he's got to still be a little Malfoy at heart (he's taken Snape's name in Year), hey, even Harry has some serious issues he needs to work out. But I'm still not that interested in hearing about Draco's brattiness all the time.

But I'm reading through it nonetheless, because it's part of the universe. And after I've finished Summer, I will read A Family Like None Other. I haven't started that one yet, because I thought I would wait until it was complete. Aspen doesn't update often enough to make me want to follow it from update to update, but it's 32 chapters and 325.476 words in, so I don't see any problem with reading what is there so far. And then I might follow it update to update, or just read it all over again when it's complete. But as Year was 97 chapters long, it might take a while.

While I've been reading Year, I've been neglecting my own writing responsibilities. A Wolf's Soul is done, so that's okay. I'm editing the chapters a little bit before I post them, but that's all. But I've gotten a new idea about Lunar Phases (previously called Lunar Illumination). I want to make it something epic. Starting in the Marauder Era and ending with the final battle. I'm not focusing on Horcruxes or Hallows and I'm determined to give several of the characters a slightly more happy life. So it will be an AU.

So I've been walking around with my little black book and writing down plot ideas and how I can make it different from canon. But I haven't written anything in the book since I started reading Year. Which is not good. But I'm gonna try to pick it up again. I just have to put myself in that mindset again by reading through everything I've written.

Oooo, I have to tell you... Since I'm not focusing in Horcruxes and Hallows, I have another idea about the power Harry has and the Dark Lord does not. I will not give any details, but I will say this: In order to give myself a better overview of the matter, I wrote an entire chapter on the general subject, a chapter that can be found in a text book or in a harmless book in the Hogwarts Libary. Complete with headlines and subtitles and pictures (not moving pictures, sadly). I've also written a passage that details the entire thing, this passage/chapter can be found in a book in the Restricted Section or somewhere else. I'm thinking the library in Grimmauld Place, since it's a topic forbidden by Ministry law. And it wouldn't be surprising if this book were to be found in Grimmauld Place, the house of the dark Blacks.

Just telling you about this now makes me excited about it all again! But alas, I have some other duties to tend to first. Like editing the chapter I will post of a Wolf's Soul tomorrow and preparing the programme leaflet for the local theatre group. Grrr...

But first, I'll read the rest of chapter 8 in A Summer Like None Other.

By the way, A Wolf's Soul got 131 reviews now! On sixteen chapters! I'm amazed! A screenshot will be posted when the story's finished!

My crazy ideas were all there to help me

I've been thinking about something the last week. About how I got a small idea one night and then wrote A Wolf's Soul in such a short time. About how I felt like I really wanted to read A Year Like None Other when there is nothing in it to support my Remus obsession. I don't think any of these things were a coincidence.

I got the idea for A Wolf's Soul one night I was trying to sleep. The idea hit me in the head and my muse wouldn't let me sleep before I'd mapped out the first few chapters and general idea in my head. (You've heard all this before, I know, but I need to repeat it for the sake of this post.)

Then the next evening, I found out something that absolutely shattered my hopes and dreams and broke my heart. I didn't think I would be able to write any more, not on A Wolf's Soul or Lunar Illumination (now titled Lunar Phases). But after I was over the initial shock I wrote like a maniac. I buried myself in writing and reading about Remus. I actually think I transferred some feelings to Remus himself, which is probably not so very healthy, but at least I know what I've done.

So I believe that the idea for A Wolf's Soul came to me to help me deal with the heartbreak.

I suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, had this urge to start reading A Year Like None Other again. No idea why. But I did start reading it again, for the third time. I don't think that was a coincidence either.

The final exam at school is closing in and I feel like I have no control at all. I feel that I haven't learnt nearly as much as I need to get a good grade. But I've found a massive tutorial online that I think might help me through the worst of the exam. So I've been working on that this last month (just finished today).

But last week, I think it was, I had the biggest scare of my life! We got an e-mail notification where the principal said that the exam would begin on February 7th. I panicked! No way was I ready for that! But the message didn't make sense, there were so many strange things about dates and all that, that I was sure there had to be some mistake. But I was still panicked, we had been told the exam wouldn't be before March, so I had February planned out, study-wise.

So I went to my room, to try and calm down. I opened the chapter I was currently reading on A Year Like None Other, and let myself drown in it, forgetting everything else. And each time I pressed the next chapter button and had time to think again, I was calmer.

So A Year Like None Other really helped me through the most angsty time of my life. Late late late that evening the message from the principal was updated with the correct dates, and our exam is from March 7th to March 21st. Thank Merlin!

And I've also used A Year Like None Other like a tempting carrot. Get through as many tutorials as my neck inflammation can handle and then reward myself with doing nothing but reading A Year Like None Other after that. It has helped! Yesterday I finished a Year Like None Other and began A Summer Like None Other.

So things do seem brighter now! And Ann-Marie's coming home in a month! Right in the middle of the exam, but I don't think I mind that much, because I miss her! My little Starfruit :) Hopefully she stays for a long long long long long long time. But she has plans and ideas, and even though I would rather she stays here at home where I can see her whenever I like, I will support her 110% no matter what she decides :)

That is so true ^