Thursday, June 14, 2012

Change in schedule for Lunar Phases

There has been a slight change in the updating schedule for Lunar Phases for the next two chapters. While I've been trying to update once every two weeks, chapter 15 will be a bit delayed. It should have been out this weekend (15-17 of June), but me and the current working beta have struggled a bit with making it good. The conclusion is that I will move some things around and split it in two. So all the chapters I've written so far will get new chapter numbers. But that's okay :)

I'm working on the new version of chapter 15 now, I expect I'll be done with the rough draught before work today, and then I'll go through it tomorrow and maybe before I go to my cousin's birthday on Saturday. Maybe I'll even be finished with chapter 16 by then. Then I'll send what I have to broadwaykat, and she'll help me polish it.

There are some good news along with these bad news though. Even though chapter 15 will be delayed by a few days or a week or two, you will get chapters 15 and 16 pretty quickly in succession. After that, the normal schedule with 2 weeks between should be back. Unless there's a special occasion coming up and I decide to post a few days earlier if the chapter is ready :)

So that's that.

I'm not doing so well with Camp NaNo. But I'm certainly doing better than how I did at NaNo last year 14 days into it. But Camp NaNo is a more relaxed affair, so I won't stress myself with getting it done. Especially since I now have finally gotten a proper job that starts on Monday!

So wish me luck, with the rewrite of chapters 15 and 16, the new job and Camp NaNo!